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Repatriation Of Gold From Fed Suggests Historic Vote Of No Confidence

Over the last few years, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Ecuador, Finland, Switzerland, Venezuela & Romania have either formally requested repatriation of their gold or are in discussions with the Fed about it. Something huge must of happened in the last few years to prompt such action.

Pro - Gold Governments and Central Banks

Many gold bugs argue that governments & central banks are generally biased against gold. Certain countries, with India as the most notable example, have adopted hostile gold policies. Here, I will however show that the tide has turned with many central banks not only accumulating gold but understanding the importance of gold.

10 Remarkable Gold And Silver Trends Into 2015

Our belief is that it will take some time until the prices of gold and silver will move back in line with these fundamental trends. Until then, gold or silver owners can rest assured that the gold and silver market is not as bad as some would like to make you believe. Here are 10 remarkable gold and silver trends going into 2015.

Netherlands, Germany Have Euro Disaster Plan - Possible Return to Guilder and Mark

A Euro without Holland and especially Germany is currently inconceivable. It is interesting to note that it is these two countries, Germany and Netherlands, whose citizens have also been at the forefront of the gold repatriation movement currently sweeping across Europe – France’s second largest party entered the fray this week.

The Real Reason Why Germany Halted Its Gold Repatriation From The NY Fed

Germany was pressured to keep its gold in the US after a “diplomatic” line of communication was opened, most likely the result of the Fed making it all too clear to the Bundesbank not only who runs the show, but what the assured failure to repatriate Germany’s gold would mean for “price stability.”

SNB Warning Gold Initiative "Fatal Error Of Judgment" Sparks EURCHF Peg Test

Thomas Jordan, president of the Swiss National Bank, warned adoption of the so-called ‘Save Our Swiss Gold’ initiative would be a “fatal error of judgment.” With the vote looming on Nov 30th, Jordan explains that maintaining stable prices would be harder to achieve if the call for gold repatriation and increased reserves is approved.

Half of Italy's Gold is Held in New York Fed Vault; Is Repatriation Possible?

Italy’s central bank, the Banca d’Italia (the world’s third largest official holder of gold), has recently published an important document detailing the storage locations and composition of the country’s gold reserves. The document confirms that Italy’s gold is held across four vault locations, three of which are outside Italy.

Bundesbank Changes Gold Repatriation Schedule

Bundesbank had made an earlier repatriation request in 2012, to ship home 150 tons from US in 3 years (ending 2015). Bundesbank has now withdrawn the original schedule to repatriate 150 tons of gold before 2015, but continues plan B, to repatriate 674 tons from NY & Paris by end-2020.

Is There Any Gold Left in the Vault?

Not all the Gold recorded to be held in bullion banks is really there – Much of it has been pledged and re-pledged against the debt that keeps the world’s monetary system afloat

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