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Gold And Silver Getting Grabbed On Each Manipulated Slamdown

Currently gold is behaving similarly to the way it behaved back in 2003 when it was trying to punch through $400. The “overbought” garbage was permeating the media back then just like now. This market has been surprising everyone to the upside and will continue to do so. At some point the lemmings who blindly soak up the “market is overbought” fairy tale will be running to catch the train.

This Gold Sell-off is a Normal Event in this Market

Right now, you are seeing gold being crowded out, because the returns from other assets such as stocks look more attractive. But the way I look at this nearly ‘free’ capital is ultimately good for gold. It weakens the medium of exchange, the US dollar, in which gold is denominated.

Gold Vulnerable To Manipulative Sell Off In June - Bargain Hunters Delight

Technically, gold is vulnerable to a further fall in the short term & seasonal trends say June is traditionally one of the weakest months for gold as its 5 & 10 year average performance in June is negative. But being able to buy gold cheaper, given the state of the world today is “like being given discounts on life-rafts on the Titanic.”

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