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Pullback in Gold Prices - An Opportunity to Buy Low before a Major Rally Again

The bearish gold sentiment these days is totally unjustified. Rather than fearing gold prices are heading much lower, smart speculators and investors should be salivating at buying relatively low within a strong bull-market upleg. Sharp mid-upleg pullbacks nearing trend support offer the best buying opportunities seen within bull markets outside of the major-correction lows between uplegs.

A Correction-Grade Stock-Market Selloff & Investors will Rush Back to Gold Buying

Gold has managed to rally sharply in recent weeks without any capital inflows from American stock investors. They not only weren’t buying GLD shares, they continued to aggressively sell them as evidenced by a couple big GLD-holdings draw days so far in January. The situation implies the investment gold buying hasn’t even started yet & that means big gold buying is still coming.

Gold Is Down. Remember - Fed will achieve Inflation ‘whatever it takes’

If the Fed maintains its tight money mantra in the middle of a deflationary currency war, then gold & other commodities could go a bit lower. My expectation is the Fed will wake up to the damage it’s doing and reverse course. The commodity and currency markets will soon hear the message that the Fed will achieve inflation ‘whatever it takes’. And then – gold will once again shine.

Gold Surges After Goldman Says It Is Time To "Put Rate Hikes On Hold For Now"

The reason why gold is surging off the bat, the main reason cited by trading desks is what Goldman announced late on Friday. Goldman’s economic team strong hint to the Federal Reserve, “We do not have much confidence in the inflation outlook & believe that the right policy would be to put hikes on hold for now.”

Russia Busts Gold Selling Rumors, Reports Buy Of 600K Ounces More

As if to deter further speculation that Russia is indeed converting hard money earned from real resources for fiat paper, the Russian monetary authority made it quite clear, that at least in November, Russia not only did not sell any gold, but in fact bought another 600K ounces. However Russia sold some $8 billion in US Treasury holdings in Oct.

Gold Shorting Exhaustion

Futures trading is an exceedingly unforgiving game, with super-dangerous inherent leverage. The sole driver of the crazy movements in gold, in last few months has been US speculators’ extreme shorting of gold futures, which has battered gold prices around in the absence of investment demand. But this epic gold shorting looks exhausted.

Gold Vulnerable To Manipulative Sell Off In June - Bargain Hunters Delight

Technically, gold is vulnerable to a further fall in the short term & seasonal trends say June is traditionally one of the weakest months for gold as its 5 & 10 year average performance in June is negative. But being able to buy gold cheaper, given the state of the world today is “like being given discounts on life-rafts on the Titanic.”

Gold Acts As A Safe Haven Against USD And GBP

Lower prices, concerns about macroeconomic and monetary risk leading to physical Gold demand – It is somewhat silly to debate as to whether Gold is a safe haven or not – It will be seen for what it is in the coming years

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