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Are You sure there will be Enough Gold to match the Exploding Demand?

Cracks are now visible in the central banks’ wall of deceit. Trillions of dollars of bonds now trade at negative yields. Helicopter money is in the cards. People the world over now sense the jig is up. So one important question hangs in the air: Will there be enough gold to match exploding demand? Supplies are drying up. So… Has the world reached peak gold? And what does it spell for gold prices?

The Day People Will Need Insurance, Gold Will Not Trade At $1200

Gold is an insurance policy, not a trading vehicle & the time to assess gold is when people have a sudden need for insurance. When that day comes, the price will be the very last thing that matters. It will be purely and simply a matter of securing possession — bubble or not — and at any price. That price will also NOT be $1200.

Silver Saw Net ETF Inflows, Compared To Gold’s Insane Decline

Holdings in silver ETFs, which allow ordinary investors to track prices without owning physical metal, were at 655 million ounces as of Oct. 31, up 25 million ounces from the start of the year – Compare that with holdings in the equivalent gold products, which saw outflows of 806 metric tons in 2013.

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