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Gold Prices Building a Strong Foundation for a Sharp Rebound Leap Ahead

A combination of resilient longs and hesitant shorts has helped gold prices form a decent base and enabled prices to climb above some support levels, improving the overall technical picture. Gold’s performance of late & prospects for seasonal demand to kick in – albeit with unexceptional volumes –should put gold prices in a reasonably healthy position for a rebound leap towards the year-end.

What Most Gold Bugs Don’t Understand

The super-spike in gold prices will not come from any of the obvious sources but from an unexpected source. It could have nothing to do with gold, It could be a war or a pandemic that frightens people into safeguarding wealth. A single snowflake is so small you never see it coming but can turn a seemingly stable snowpack into a roaring avalanche. Once that begins, there’s no stopping it.

Extreme Leverage in a Gold Futures Market Nearing the Breaking Point

Gold and silver prices rose despite a stronger-than-expected Nov jobs report. Perhaps it was a relief rally based on silver and gold being heavily oversold and investors realizing that a quarter percent Fed rate hike may already be “priced-in.” Maybe the gold shorts are getting nervous about extraordinary leverage in the futures markets with actual gold backing them continuing to decline.

Gold Surges After Goldman Says It Is Time To "Put Rate Hikes On Hold For Now"

The reason why gold is surging off the bat, the main reason cited by trading desks is what Goldman announced late on Friday. Goldman’s economic team strong hint to the Federal Reserve, “We do not have much confidence in the inflation outlook & believe that the right policy would be to put hikes on hold for now.”

Gold And Silver Explode Higher! Is it Finally Time to Buy?

It is important to realize that market manipulation is still occurring & can slam gold and silver prices down at will. The downside risk of such a drop is minuscule compared to the upside potential. I still believe that the all-in cost of production for gold and silver will continue to act as support on any take down attempt.

What Doesn't Kill Gold, Makes It Stronger

It turns out that the same paper markets that helped drive the price of gold down are beginning to run into the hard reality of physical Gold demand; their reversal may push gold to new highs

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