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Weekly Outlook for Silver Prices - Volatility in Gold Prices on the Rise

At present, the bias in silver prices is to the upside, as new buying appeared to be behind last week’s advance in prices, as open interest increased nearly 6% through Thursday. In addition, the U.S. economic calendar for the week is full. The possibility of victory for Trump & a second US interest rate hike could cause increased volatility in gold & could rise as high as $1,425.

India Paying an Equivalent $1,565 Per Ounce For Physical Gold Bullion

What good is a gold spot price if it is just a construct derived from paper gold price on the increasingly gold deficient Comex and not from a physically transacting market? Premiums for gold in India jumped 21.6% over western paper spot prices due to increasing duties and limiting supply.

Is Gold Still a Safe Haven? Gold Price Action Indicates Otherwise

A potential US debt default would seem to be a crisis custom made for gold, but the price action of late is telling a different story – Since government shutdown on Oct 1st and while potential for a historic default exists, the gold spot price has fallen & delivered negative returns.

What Doesn't Kill Gold, Makes It Stronger

It turns out that the same paper markets that helped drive the price of gold down are beginning to run into the hard reality of physical Gold demand; their reversal may push gold to new highs

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