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Gold Is A Necessary Insurance Against Dysfunctional Governments

It seems that there is a very clear purpose for governments wanting to create a cashless society and that is, once they have your money in the system, it belongs to them. In order to protect your funds against this shameless act, put some of it into gold and silver. Gold and silver bullion coins and bars are traditional diversification tools.

Gold, Governments and Central Banks

Governments and central banks are frequently criticized by goldbugs for being anti-gold. Examples include the Indian government restricting gold import, the US government refusing to carry out a full audit of the US Treasury’s gold holdings and the Swiss government and central bank strongly opposing the “gold initiative” demands.

Gold Prices Benefit From Economic Sins

Governments spend paper currencies as if tomorrow will never come, believe debts can increase forever, more money will always be available & debts can be rolled over forever. Such economic sins ultimately hurt people & economies. Gold has & always will protect people from inflation, wars & irresponsible governments.

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