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Gold Bullion Investors Versus The High Frequency Traders

Actual humans grow tired of the constant whipsaw around Fed policy expectations & some ask more fundamental questions. Like, do we have free markets when what matters most is government data & how the Federal Reserve might respond to it? That separates gold and silver bullion investors from high frequency trading algorithms which dominate trading in the futures markets.

Gold Prices Are Bound To Rise Because …

Currency units will devalue, the purchasing power of savings will disappear, and gold prices will revalue HIGHER. Place your trust in gold and silver … or trust that your assets, savings, and purchasing power will be protected by bankers, politicians, and fiat currencies. It should be an easy choice. Gold prices are bound to rise because …

Silver Prices Show More Evidence of a Bottom

Silver prices have been crushed for over four years and are deeply oversold. Silver has been largely forgotten, which is an excellent place to begin a multi-year rally. The gold to silver ratio has been hovering around 75 – near multi-year lows. Here are some of the many other conditions that point to higher silver prices in the next several years.

Silver Prices About To Turn More Volatile … To The Upside

Silver is currently priced at about $16, down about 2/3 since its April 2011 high. A double bottom occurred in the past nine months. Silver prices are more likely to make a major move higher than crash to a lower low. Periods of low volatility as seen now, have always been followed by periods of high volatility. A few reasons that could propel silver prices much higher.

Silver and Gold - What Happens Next?

What do the charts show? Obviously they show silver and gold prices falling, almost relentlessly since 2011. Prices have collapsed, technical indicators are deeply “oversold” on quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily charts. Expect prices to rise when they are finally allowed to rise. When? Ask the HF Traders or central Banks.

Silver and Gold - Debt and Taxes

National debt is increasing rapidly, population is increasing slowly & gold to population adjusted debt ratio seems likely to increase substantially. Hence gold prices will rally much higher, thanks to massive increases in debt, “money printing,” investor demand, higher energy prices, various worries, wars & Asian demand.

Silver to Gold Ratio Now Favors Silver Investment

Statistically, gold & silver prices closely follow each other. What is more important is the ratio between silver and gold & its trend. Silver prices are currently LOW compared to gold prices – the ratio is at the low end of its 27 year trend channel & likely to rise. Silver prices fall faster & rally more rapidly than gold prices.

What Is High-Frequency Trading, Exactly?

Rise of the robots certainly seems to have helped investors. Bid-ask spreads have fallen dramatically in the past 20 years. High Frequency Trading has added more liquidity, eliminating bid-ask spreads that would have been too small to do so before. But it doesn’t mean that HFT is unambiguously good.

CFTC Investigates The "Secret" HFT-Exchange Incentive Programs

CFTC is aiming at the relationship between HFT firms & major exchanges, examining whether the preferential treatment, market operators offer them, puts other investors at a disadvantage. Probe focused on incentive programs that give high-volume trading firms financial benefits to execute trades.

How Gold Price Is Manipulated During The "London Fix"

We are delighted that none other than Bloomberg has decided to break it down for everyone, as well as summarize all the ways in which just this one facet of gold trading is being manipulated – Anyways, nothing wrong with a little gold manipulation here and there.

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