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Is London’s Property Bubble Set To Burst?

Although it’s often argued that London is a unique property market fuelled by a buoyant London economy and continued international interest from overseas buyers, recent price appreciation has taken on a distinct frothy appearance. Investors should carefully evaluate evidence of a bubble.

There Is Always A Credit Boom Before Each Bust

You may find it striking that each downturn has been preceded by the same thing: A surge in the growth of money. In other words, the bust or a sharp downturn always followed an unsustainable credit-induced boom – No matter what those in charge thought they were doing.

The Fed’s Inability To Forecast Anything Is The Problem

In June the Fed saw better conditions ahead and they would begin to cut back on their bond purchases – It was just another errant forecast. The economy isn’t doing better, and so no tapering and yet now the markets are waiting anxiously for the Fed’s next forecast.

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