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The Housing Bubble's Silver Lining

All bubbles eventually pop–not just in housing, but in tech employment, and every other bubble in which the participants are absolutely confident that the bubble is not a bubble and the good times will roll essentially forever. If we’re left with some renovated buildings and new shelter in practical locales, we can count our blessings.

Gold, Silver, and the Future of the Dollar

If you transfer your cash wealth from dollar denominated deposits in banks to gold denominated accounts or physical gold, paper gold, then you’re moving yourself personally to the gold standard. I think the status, the monopoly status of the US dollar as a reserve currency has already been broken and I see that trend continuing.

The New Fed Chair - Janet Yellen's Impossible Task

Janet Yellen is supposed to accomplish what simply cannot be done, namely ‘unmake’ the mistakes she and her predecessor have jointly committed (let us not forget, she was vice chair and never once dissented with the decision to implement an extremely loose policy).

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