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A Recession Occurred The Last 16 Times This Happened

Something has just happened that has signalled a recession every single time that it has occurred since World War I. 16 times since 1919 there have been at least 8 month-over-month declines in industrial production during the preceding 12 month period, and in each of those 16 instances the U.S. economy has plunged into recession.

What's The Real Reason The Fed Is Raising Rates? Surely Not Employment

Although Federal Reserve officials publicly claim that the reason for impending rate hikes is that the American economy is doing well, there’s not a lot of evidence, at least based upon prior tightening cycles, that it’s the real economy the Fed is worried about. Employment growth is in fact decelerating, and has been decelerating since February 2015.

Global Economy Back In Contraction, First Time Since 2012: Goldman

How much longer the rigged, HFT and central bank-manipulated “markets” can continue to ignore what is now a global contraction (from which the US is now clearly not decoupling courtesy of the 30 out of 35 economic misses just in February following today’s latest Philly Fed miss) is anyone’s guess.

How The Fed Is Driving The Next Bust

As should be evident after 6 years of frantic money pumping that old secret sauce doesn’t work any more because the American economy has reached a condition of peak debt. The Fed yet plans to keep money market rates at zero for 7 years running through 2015 on many misbegotten notions.

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