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Gold and Silver Surge Amid Crude Oil and Copper Carnage

We have repeatedly highlighted the upside potential for gold following a period of consolidation. The market is bracing itself for the worst earnings season since the 2009 crisis. A weaker dollar, the risk of rising stock market volatility, and the continued focus on negative interest rates may attract renewed interest for gold and silver earlier than expected.

Negative Interest Rates Make Gold And Silver More Important Than Ever

You should soon expect to start paying interest for the “privilege” of lending your savings to a bank! Central planners will soon move from zero interest rate policy to the launch of negative interest rates. Look for investor demand to rise dramatically in the coming years in spite of the bias against gold and silver from Wall Street.

Bankers Manipulation Of Gold & Silver: Proof In The Demand Data

The Banking Cartel needs to keep investors away from buying gold and silver because they are the Blinking Red Light that indicates something is very wrong with the financial system. To keep the public and investor demand limited in gold and silver, the Cartel is using price suppression tactics, including negative press via financial networks.

Silver to Gold Ratio Now Favors Silver Investment

Statistically, gold & silver prices closely follow each other. What is more important is the ratio between silver and gold & its trend. Silver prices are currently LOW compared to gold prices – the ratio is at the low end of its 27 year trend channel & likely to rise. Silver prices fall faster & rally more rapidly than gold prices.

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