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Your Personal Gold Standard

You can put yourself on a personal gold standard just by buying gold. In other words, if you think that the value of paper money will be in some jeopardy, or confidence in paper money may be lost, one way to protect yourself is by buying gold, and there’s nothing stopping you.

Will Inflation Comeback In 2014 When The Consensus Worries About Deflation?

The Incrementum Inflation Signal started showing rising inflationary momentum after a period of 19 month of disinflation. Is Inflation making a comeback just as the consensus worries about deflation risk? The direction of inflation is important in Incrementum’s Inflation Signal, not the absolute figure.

The China Bubble is Bursting: James Rickards

Amid weaker U.S. growth and volatility in capital markets, China stands out as a beacon in the minds of many investors. China growth story is one that investors take for granted, but are in for a rude awakening when they realize how much of the story is false & how quickly it may come unraveled.

James Rickards - After Currency Wars Comes - The Death of Money

“The world is getting closer to that end game every day,” says James Rickards, who just finished writing the sequel to his bestselling Currency Wars, titled “The Death of Money, The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System”.

Manipulation of Gold and Silver Markets - James Rickards

Manipulation of Gold and Silver markets can and will last until physical shortages become so acute that banks and exchanges can no longer deliver on futures and forward contacts when requested by customers. Trading will then be conducted for liquidation only.

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