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Why Is Put-Call Ratio (Fear Gauge) Higher Than in Lehman Collapse of 2008?

If you sort the 2,003 records from highest to the lowest, you find that the only days in that time period where the put-call ratio exceeded the Lehman collapse & yesterday, Oct 13, 2014, are three days in early 2007, when the first indications that the wheels were coming off the subprime mortgage market & the housing bubble hit the news.

JPMorgan's Mortgage Settlement May Reach $20 Billion

Ironically, it may be the sins from JPMorgan’s pre-crisis legacy closet that will come back to haunt it most painfully, and result in a fine or settlement that could make the London Whale damages seem like lunch money – Expensed to an account of course.

Gold and Gold Stocks After the FOMC Decision

Gold jumped $55 after the FOMC announcement, which is quite a bit for one day, but will this rally hold? In any case, the move did manage to catapult gold back above the critical $1,350 level & it does certainly look like another higher low has now been put in.

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