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Meet The World's First "Undercover, Super-Secret Central Banker"

World’s most powerful central banker was so terrified of leaving a paper trail with his real name in what he realized was borderline illegal meddling in financial systems, he felt compelled to use a pseudonym!. Mr.Quince Edward (QE) was the pseudonym then-Fed Chairman Bernanke used when conferring with colleagues during financial crisis.

4 Million Fewer Jobs: How The BLS Massively Overestimated US Job Creation

When it comes to the all-important monthly payrolls number which sets the tone for risk over the next month, one of the biggest variables in the BLS’ “estimate” (because all jobs numbers are that: statistical estimates) of US jobs is the monthly birth-death adjustment. Here is how the BLS explains this adjustment.

Paul Singer

If the economy does not light up, the impact of another year of full-bore QE is impossible to predict. Five years and $4 trillion have created economic and moral distortions but very little sustainable value. Maybe the sixth year will produce the “riot point.” Nobody knows, including the Fed.

China Money Creation Blows US And Japan Out Of The Water

While everyone focuses on the breakneck money creation by the Fed and the BOJ, what happened in the past month is that China quietly created some 20% more money – For those curious, here is a more detailed breakdown of the Chinese numbers from Bank of America.

Banks Warn Fed They May Have To Start Charging Depositors

Should the Fed cut IOER to offset the tapering pain, banks will crush depositors by cutting rates, depositors will pull their money from banks en masse, and banks will have no choice but to close on a record levered $2.2 trillion in margined risk position.

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