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The Silver Storm Is Coming - But Are You Prepared?

By the time you realize the monetary value of silver, it will be too late as available supplies of physical silver will dry up and blow away when the GREAT FIAT CURRENCY RESET finally arrives. The Fiat Monetary System & Derivative’s Monster is heading towards certain death – it’s just a matter of time.

Historic Gold : Oil Ratio Forecasts A Much Higher Price For Gold

While many analysts on Wall Street forecast gold to head lower in 2014, they fail to realize that its historic ratio to oil points to a much higher price. It seems like everything today is based on financial wizardry rather than fundamentals of a physical economy.

The Complete And Unabridged History Of Gold Manipulation

The London Gold Pool that was designed to keep the price of gold capped, proved that central banks can collude cooperate to rig maintain the price of gold at what they deem manageable levels – But things don’t always go as planned and Gold is a different beast altogether.

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