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Gold and Silver: Arbitrage Opportunities for You to Pounce On

The most promising arbitrage situations—trades that exploit price differences between similar financial instruments—come about as a result of takeover bids, while others happen when a company’s shares trade significantly below its cash on hand. Here are some company stories with management teams that Jayant Bhandari thinks are close to perfect.

Primary Reasons Why China Wants Low Gold Prices

People believe that the gold price will fall further in 2014 despite indications that Chinese demand will continue at current high levels…if not rise more. A question not thoroughly explored: “How can China buy well over 2,000 tonnes of gold without sending the gold price rocketing?”

Does A Poor Economy Mean Low Gold Price?

Despite some positive data, Global Economy is showing signs of slowing, a remarkable development in itself when you consider all the money printing and deficit spending of past few years

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