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Why Manipulation Is Such an Important Topic

Is there manipulation in the gold and silver markets? Why is this important? These two markets are by far & away the two most important markets to world finance. Even if Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that they are not important, foreigners disagree & the reality is that gold is money as is silver by its “blood kin” relation.

Is It Time For Silver To Rise And S&P 500 To Dive?

Silver has had 3 bad years while the S&P has had five good years. It is time for both markets to reverse. Either the silver price should go up or the S&P should come down, or more likely, both will occur. With silver prices near 4 year lows, the silver to S&P ratio too is at a 5 year low. SO?

A World Full Of Manipulated Markets - Distorted Signals And Lost Trust

What happens when market signals are distorted by the government? – Malinvestment. The market stops directing capital to its most productive uses & wealth creation grinds to a halt. People notice that the markets they trusted, are being manipulated for the benefit of others & trust begins to erode.

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