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Precious Metals Offer The Most Profitable Secular Opportunity Today

Investors are faced with a serious challenge: how exactly to play the beaten down precious metals sector? If anything, investors must avoid too much risk when putting capital at work. Here are the four rules that investors should take into account which, especially in these hard times, are important to respect in a disciplined way. Secular investing pays off over the long term.

How Much More Extreme Can Stock Markets Get?

Charts help us understand that a top is not just price, but a reversal in extremes of margin debt, valuation and sentiment. Many observers have an unyielding faith that central banks will never let markets decline ever again. There are four flaws in this blind faith. Here they are.

The Great Gold Investing Struggle - Are You Buying High and Selling Low?

Core idea of investing distilled down in 4 simple words, Buy Low Sell High – So basic & clear, even a child can understand this principle. Yet the great majority of investors never achieve significant success & end up buying high & selling low. Why? Emotions are the reason. This struggle of investing must be overcome.

Too Many People Are Still Bullish On Gold - A Bearish Sign.

When it comes to sentiment, the gold market is built on shaky foundations. When everyone thinks the same thing, they are often all wrong. Overall sentiment in gold is more bullish compared to the the last few years. There is a certain amount of bearishness needed to spark a gold rally comparable to the summer of 2013.

Is Market Sentiment Shifting to Gold?

When you look at the world economy, there’s no shortage of worries. Most market strategists do not view gold as a currency but only as a commodity. The rule: dollar up, gold down. But on viewing gold as a currency compared to many other currencies, including euro, ruble, yen & rupee, it has been a good place to be in over the last year.

Silver Yet Facing After Effects of a Brutal 3 Year Bear Market

The silver market sentiment is still not great & many silver bulls have been shocked. But that’s the important point— when a market is as oversold, underloved & underfollowed as silver, you should actually be expecting some big moves to the upside. Exactly when everyone thinks the bears can’t be beaten, the market turns decidedly bullish.

Study Gold and Silver’s Past For a Glimpse of Where We Head in the Future

Next time gold and silver take a price dip & bankers react by telling you to sell, or a politician announces the strength of “recovering economy”, trust your history. We can learn a lot about the future of gold & silver by taking a step back in time to re-visit the bankers’ propaganda campaigns in 2006.

There Is Too Little Gold Left In The West

There is precious little bullion left in the West today to supply rapidly increasing Asian demand, and it is important to understand how little there is and the dangers this poses for financial stability.

Top Ten Market Themes For 2014 By Goldman Sachs

These Top Ten Market Themes represent the broad list of macro themes from Goldman Sachs’ economic outlook that they think will dominate markets in 2014, which also summarize their positive growth expectations. In short – It’s all about the Fed.

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