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The True Bearer of the Title ‘Risk Free Asset’ Should be Gold

The true bearer of the title ‘risk free asset’ should be gold – not T-bills or whatever other names government paper has. This is because gold is liquid under all market conditions. Silver is another excellent way to minimize your dependence on the goodwill of others. The former Bank of England head Lord Mervyn King offers good reasons for individual investors to buy & hold gold.

Central Bankers Understand That Monetary Stimulus Is Not The Answer Only After Quitting

What is it about central bankers who wait to tell the truth only after they have quit their post? First it was the Fed’s Alan Greenspan. Now BoE’s former head, Mervyn King after having the biggest monetary stimulus & yet not solved the problem, says, “The idea that monetary stimulus after six years … is the answer doesn’t seem (right) to me.”

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