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Gold Price Holds While US Treasuries Dumped In Record Volumes

Central bankers the world over are beginning to shed treasuries & refrain from debt market participation because they are not convinced that the rhetoric supporting the viability of the fiat currency regime now underlying the world monetary system is sustainable. And if you’re one of the throwback gold enthusiasts, you’re likely enjoying the apparent strength in the gold price currently evident.

Central Banks Hated Silver - But May Now Soon Start Buying Silver

A long time ago central banks had silver in their vaults as a safe haven. Of late, central banks were not interested in silver is because it was in their interest to hate it. But for how long? They love it when they need it. Central banks have little to none silver, but things can change – fast. After all, it is not like having silver is new thing for them.

BITCOINS - The Second Biggest Ponzi Scheme In History

Bitcoins are not illegal but also not money or even an alternative currency – Bitcoins have to have stable purchasing power if they are to serve as money: Bitcoins cannot possibly fulfill their supposed purpose: to serve as an unregulated currency unit.

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