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Money Managers Long Gold Positions Near August 2011's Record High

Having fallen to a net short position as The Fed tried to convince the world it was on a path to normalization, money managers have piled into gold futures at a record pace. The last time gold “net longs” were this high was August 2011, from where prices tumbled despite a near doubling of The Fed’s balance sheet. There’s still a lot of fear out there, but will gold bugs now be sitting ducks?

Investors and Money Managers are All Moving to Gold

Investors have increasingly started processing the fact that the world’s central bankers are completely focused on debasing their currencies. Investors have also endured a five-year gold bear market. Every rally up until this year died out, eventually ending in new lows for gold. But things certainly have changed over the past five months & gold’s up over 20% year-to-date.

How To Overcome Investing Fear And Finally Get Started

A lady had decided to overcome her investing fear about what she didn’t know and wanted to start investing in her future by learning how to invest in stocks. She wanted me to give her a stock recommendation. Instead, I gave her some advice & here it is. It’s not complicated, so don’t overthink it.

One More Reason Not to Trust Your Broker

Most stock brokers aren’t traders, and they aren’t analysts, but simply salesmen. They usher clients into financial products with little regard for their individual financial situation or the broader markets. Here’s the truth you may not know about the Brokerage Business… and yes, it could hurt you.

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