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Gold And Silver Markets– Little Hope, Little Change From Last Week

Gold is still in a weak market condition. Is a bottom forming? We keep getting closer without knowing how close the anticipated bottom will be. The chart comments set out the facts from the chart as it exists today. Whatever the potential for a turnaround may be, it will take some time to break through the layers of built-up resistance to change the existing trend.

A New Opportunity to Collect Safe Income From Gold and Silver

I’m Not a “Gold Bug,” but I Like the Prospects for Gold and Silver. Today, the dynamics for gold and silver are shifting rapidly. Over the next five years, I believe that we could see prices for gold and silver move higher. I even believe that, both prices could potentially reverse all of their losses from the past several years as investors steadily accumulate gold and silver positions.

Gold, Silver, Equities: Secular Megaphone Patterns

Central banks want to levitate bonds, levitate equities and repress prices for gold, silver, crude oil & other commodities. Equities have enjoyed a very long bull market. Bonds have been in a 30+ year bull market. Debt and money supply will increase, so in the long term commodity prices will also increase eventually. Higher gold, silver, and crude oil prices are coming.

Charts Amplifying the odds for a Gold and Silver Price Rally

We see the daily charts amplifying the odds for a rally in gold and silver prices. The first seven TDs [Trading Days] in June had the highest volume, the greatest selling effort, all but one of the TDs were red. Typically, smart money [controlling interests], sells highs where you would expect to see selling volume greater.

A Trend Change In Gold And Silver Is Developing, Just Not Confirmed

The stage is set and gold has never failed to preserve value, even increase worth, historically speaking. Silver has yet to break its primary down trend line. Weak reactions to price rallies, more especially in an up trend as seen in last few weeks, lead to higher prices. This market premise does not always hold as true in a down trend.

Gold And Silver – Technical Charts And Fundamentals

Despite people’s views on gold and silver being in a down trend, from a larger perspective, both are in up trends & that is what the overall news is saying & what everyone senses: gold and silver should be higher. It just depends on your frame of reference. Here is a list of events that are impacting the suppression of gold and silver.

Gold and Silver Market Behavior Defining a Potential Change in Trend

What is the purpose of reading developing market activity? Following market activity leads to a more obvious conclusion, minimizes risk exposure & increases the probability of a profitable outcome. The market almost always tips its hand. Predicting what a market may or may not do is for egos.

Time To Be Defensively Pro-Active In Stock Markets

Now is the time to take stock of your stocks and weed out poor performers rather than hold in hopes that they’ll catch up to the rest of the market, as there are some warning signs of which one should be aware- Use tight stops for the rest

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