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Chinese Real Estate Debt Settled In Silver, SGE Premium 5.7 %

Gold and silver, which have high market liquidity, are being used by the Chinese for settling debts & as a currency. Gold can be exchanged for cars and silver for houses. This means either the debt is actually worth less than half it’s value, or silver is actually worth more than double it’s value.

China Money Creation Blows US And Japan Out Of The Water

While everyone focuses on the breakneck money creation by the Fed and the BOJ, what happened in the past month is that China quietly created some 20% more money – For those curious, here is a more detailed breakdown of the Chinese numbers from Bank of America.

Too Big To Fail Banks Now Bigger Than Ever Before

Six largest banks in the U.S. have gotten 37% larger over the past 5 years – Too Big to Fail Banks made themselves bigger to ensure they will be saved each time, at all costs due to the extensive and irreparable economic damage their failure could cause globally.

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