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Bullion Banks Target the 200-Day Moving Average in Gold a Third Time this Year

Twice previously this year, The Banks have managed to maneuver the gold price down and through the 200-day moving average. On these prior occasions, the speculator selling that followed allowed The Banks to buy back & cover large amounts of their perennial short contracts. And how far might gold prices fall if The Banks can pull this off again? Well, just as in May and July, not too far really.

The New Bull Market in Gold is Right on Track

Gold is very strong in real terms and has been for weeks. Gold’s recovery is now on par with past recoveries and the metal has taken out key resistance at $1180/oz. Unless Gold somehow loses its gains and closes February below $1180/oz then there is no reason to doubt a major trend change and new bull market.

To know where Silver Prices are going, ask Crude Oil

Crude oil prices have been going up for 12+ years and will continue to climb. Politics and war will accelerate the oil price increases. Crude and silver have been trending upward for 12+ years. So – If crude oil prices are moving higher – silver prices will follow up too. Have a look at these charts here.

Silver to Gold Ratio Now Favors Silver Investment

Statistically, gold & silver prices closely follow each other. What is more important is the ratio between silver and gold & its trend. Silver prices are currently LOW compared to gold prices – the ratio is at the low end of its 27 year trend channel & likely to rise. Silver prices fall faster & rally more rapidly than gold prices.

What could push the Price of Gold Lower OR Higher

Did gold prices reach an intermediate top in 2011 based on QE, dollar weakness, and high demand, correct for 2.5 years, and then begin a rally likely to persist through the end of the decade? OR – Did gold reach a generational peak in 2011 and subsequently turn down for a decade or two?

Citi: Is This The Breakout Week For Gold?

Citi’s FX Technicals group notes gold has traded above very strong resistance on the $1,350 to $1,362 range suggesting a test up to $1,434 and the next level at the 200-week moving average at $1,493. Gold is also getting close to the “golden cross” where the 50DMA will cross above the 200DMA.

These Gold Charts Will Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Gold lovers’ hearts beat faster last week, as the precious metal rose above $1,300 an ounce, its 200-day moving average, for the first time since November. So while gold may correct over the next several months during its seasonally weak period of the year, this looks promising for gold investors.

Gold and Gold Stocks – The Tackling of Resistance

After several previous attempts that fell just a little bit short, gold finally managed a close above the 1340-1350 level – It is perhaps not a significant enough break yet, but it is encouraging that the $1350 level has not rejected gold this time around.

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