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The World’s Next Big Trading Block May Be India

A new Common Market is being formed. It has a bigger economy than the whole of sub-Saharan Africa, more states than the EU has members & twice the population of North America. It’s called India. Given the size of its 29 states & a predicted growth rate of at least 7.5%, potential benefits of integration are huge.

‘Liquids-Rich’ North American Natural Gas Will Attract Capital

The “shale game is the future for oil and gas in North America.” Exploration and development is focusing on projects where natural gas carries with it a substantial volume of liquid hydrocarbons, which are very valuable. They increase profits substantially when they occur.

How To Dismantle the American Empire

United States would never tolerate another country building a string of bases around America, stationing thousands of its troops on its soil, enforcing a no-fly zone over American territory, or sending their fleets to patrol off our coasts. How much longer will others tolerate these actions by the US?

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