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Citi Slams Historic Oil Surge: "Another False Start, Time To Fade The Rally"

Citi’s Ed Morse together with Goldman has been bearish on oil for a good part of the past year, and slammed the crude breakout when he released a report titled “Another False Start…Time to Fade the Rally” whose punchline is that “Citi foresees that WTI and Brent prices should post another fresh leg lower—perhaps making new 2015 lows—before year-end.”

What The Rig Plunge Really Means For The Price Of Oil

The market fails to appreciate that the relationship between rig count and oil production can be deceptive. Headline rig count declines may look impressive, but as we look at the data, much of the drop in oil rig count has come in low yielding rigs. The most productive rigs will likely remain as long as possible.

CME Implements Gold, Precious Metals Circuit Breakers Up To $400 Wide

Effective for trade date Mon, Dec 22, 2014, & pending all relevant CFTC regulatory review periods, NYMEX & COMEX will implement new Rule 589 (Special Price Fluctuation Limits) to apply price fluctuation limits to precious metals futures and options contracts. Wonder why now & what does CME know about upcoming volatility that nobody else does.

Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality

The Fed & its agents rig gold prices in the Comex futures (paper gold) market. Bullion banks print an unlimited supply of gold contracts which are sold in large volumes & thus serving the Fed by protecting the dollar from Fed’s loose monetary policy by lowering gold prices & preventing the concern that a rising gold price would bring to the dollar.

Volcker Rule Impacts Gold And Silver Proprietary Trading By Major Banks

It’s well known that gold and silver prices have been manipulated by large banks who specialize in high frequency trading – If regulators strike the right balance in imposing the Volcker Rule that limits bank proprietary trading, Gold And Silver markets could see greater transparency.

Understand The Coming Big Change in Gold Investing

There seems to be no shortage of conflicting analysis on future gold prices. Some believe gold will decline to $1,100, while some see it rising higher to $1,500 – Actuality short-term forecasts are meaningless as they fail to understand the coming big change in gold investing.

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