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IEA Sees “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” For Oil Markets

The IEA found a variety of reasons to think that the oil markets are turning a corner, including: supply outages in Iraq, Nigeria, and the UAE; the declines in non-OPEC supply; tepid but steady demand; recent weaknesses in the U.S. dollar; and the potential that OPEC takes stronger action to boost prices, although any meaningful steps to reduce supply remain unlikely.

Why OPEC Oil Production Freeze Could Pave The Way For Actual Cuts

The purpose of the Doha agreement is to put a floor under crude oil prices—and as a first step in raising prices in the future. The freeze is a starting point, which, over time could lead to production cuts as major non-North American producers gain confidence in the intentions of their fellow producers and therefore bring forward balancing the global crude oil market.

It's Correct that Oil Prices Will Rise — But Here is the Real Reason Why

Oil demand increased globally in 2015 to as high as 2.0 million barrels per day. EIA reports shale production to be declining by more than 100,000 barrels per day. Don’t be misled by the news about China imploding. To this point, it has not impacted oil demand, with imports hitting an all-time record of 7.8 million barrels per day in December.

When Will The Oil Prices Turn Around?

Pessimism increased about oil prices last week as second quarter earnings for U.S. E&P companies were released. Many tight oil producers announced higher production guidance for 2015. OPEC is producing more than half of the world production surplus and has the capacity to cut production by the entire amount of the surplus, but will not until its goals are achieved.

The Golden Age of Gas, Possibly: Interview with the IEA

International Energy Agency (IEA) – The global energy authority believes that this age of gas can be golden & that unconventional gas can be produced in an environmentally acceptable way. The potential for a golden age of gas comes along with a big “if” regarding environmental & social impact.

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