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Gold and Silver - Not Just Wealth Preservers, In all Likelihood also Life Preservers

The craziness of the world goes on, nonstop. Gold and silver are more than just a wealth preserver, they are, in all likelihood also life-preserving, for without them, there is no means of defending against the globalists & their drive for a cashless society. What else does one have without gold and silver? Paper holdings? What is the intrinsic value of any paper asset, except as transitory in perceived “value.”

Silver Seen Beating Gold as Ratio Rises to Near Historical Peaks

People have been looking to gold for a safe haven, and that is what you will expect at this stage. But pretty soon they’ll start looking at the relative-value trades, and that’s when you’ll see silver perform. When the ratio peaked at almost 80 in August, silver rallied 14 percent in the following two months. Gold added about 5 percent in the period.

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