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What's Affecting the Price of Gold and Silver than the Obvious

The world of pricing gold and silver is a fiction, for their pricing are solely determined by those in charge of the globalist asylum. With the war on cash now underway, would you rather own gold and silver, soon to disappear worthless fiat, or imaginary digits that bankers can make disappear if they do not like your political attitude? The globalists are trying to set a trap for gold and silver holders.

Will Gold And Silver Purchasers Be Called "Economic Terrorists"?

The only thing the issuers of fiat can do to keep their Ponzi currency scheme going is to make it impossible to use any other form for money. Cash transactions are unacceptable hence. Gold and silver fall into the anti-fiat category & outside of government control. So those who buy or have gold and silver are against the government use of fiat & must therefore be terrorists.

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