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China Likely Bought 10,000 tons of Gold. And if They Did, Here’s Why

China’s gold holdings would act as an insurance policy paying off in the case of a dollar dilution. China may be protecting itself from itself as much as from the US because if they follow the Japanese and US model to print their way out of a real estate collapse…gold may simply be “priceless” in sovereign currencies.

Global Financial Tsunami End Game: Is The Petro-Dollar Regime Finished?

Existence of petrodollars is one of the pillars of America’s economic might because it creates a significant external demand for US Dollars, allowing US to accumulate enormous debts without defaulting. Once oil trade is no longer denominated in Dollars, the bells will toll for the demise of the US Dollar

Power Of Elites More Important Than China’s Gold

There is a power struggle going on between West v East, and until it plays itself out, the West has a vested interest in suppressing the price of gold and silver in order to preserve the worthless fiat “dollar” as the elite’s chosen world reserve currency. That is the power of the elites!

Russia, China, India Bypass the Petro-dollar - Currency Wars Continue

If Russia, China & India decide to start trading oil in their own currencies, the petro-dollar becomes just one of several major currencies. For them this looks like a win/win as their own currencies gain prestige, but ominous for the US- the ability to threaten the dollar’s rein as world reserve currency.

Get Ready For The Death Of The Petro-dollar

The status of the Petro-Dollar is dependent on several factors remaining in perfect alignment, socially, politically, economically – Oil markets would explode even If 1 element falls out of place and the world would abandon the Dollar

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