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Gold Is Exceptionally Cheap At The Moment

Gold is exceptionally cheap at the moment because the radical monetary policies practised by the world’s leading central banks have led to a resurgence of confidence in financial assets and the resultant multiyear rally & an egregious mispricing of risk by investors at large. Once investors discover that there is a bite to the “risk” in risk assets, gold could be the big winner.

The Investment Case For Gold Remains Intact: WGC

Crucially, the long-term investment case for gold is not based on short-term price movements. Gold plays a more important role in a portfolio. Drivers of gold demand respond differently to different economic conditions. Heightened systemic risk typically boosts gold’s role as an insurance asset. Economic growth boosts jewellery demand. This makes if far more than a simple commodity.

Gold Price Outlook Gets Most Bearish: It’s Always the Darkest before the Dawn

Gold coin demand in 2015 is expected to be the lowest since 2008. Seeing diehard believers in gold stay away means their faith has been shaken. But the outlook for gold prices is now looking very bullish to me, in stark contrast to the ubiquitous bearish sentiment out there in the physical gold markets. Here are a few reasons.

How Long Can The Gold Prices Be Held Down?

How Long Can The Gold Prices Be Held Down? The answer in short is “For as long as demand in the traditional markets is either lower or the same as supply.” This has two aspects, first the potential for rising demand and second, the potential for falling supplies.

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