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Year-to-Date Gold Holds the Glory – How Long Can It Shine?

Gold prices are resilient & seem set for an interesting year as central banks exhaust their firepower. Gold ETF inflows have surged to the highest since 2009. Perhaps we may see some of the money flows rotate to the other precious metals as year to date, gold has had all the glory. With inflation yet at all time lows, uncertainty to the bullish outlook has increased & downside risks have crept up.

Why a Fed Rate Hike Could Be a Blessing for Gold Prices

I think the timing of a rate hike has been overhanging the gold market for well over a year. Relieving that issue could actually prompt a short covering rally. It would be kind of a sell-the-news event where the shorts figure that the trade is over and this is a good time to begin covering, more and more head for the door, and we have the rally underway.

Our Take on The Horrible Day for Gold

Gold just violated a key support level after holding steady in the $1,140-$1,150 range. This is not good for gold in the short term. Note that copper, nickel, aluminium, zinc & lead… the whole list of important metals is down, not just gold. This belies the rosy picture of economic recovery driving the markets. And that makes a sharp reversal a distinct possibility.

The Birth of a New Bull Market - Platinum and Palladium

Many are bullish on platinum and palladium due to the strikes in South Africa, the world’s largest producer of platinum. Or geopolitical conflicts with Russia, the largest supplier of palladium. But their supply is in a structural deficit & won’t be resolved when strikes end or Russia simmers down. Here are six reasons why.

12 Pressing Questions on Precious Metals and Natural Resources

Investing in natural resources and precious metals is attractive today because the sector is so much cheaper than it was three years ago. Many of the stocks are trading at a 90 percent discount to their prices in 2011. For a contrarian investor, I believe that we are seeing a historic opportunity now.

Will Platinum, Palladium and Silver outperform Gold this year?

So far, silver and the PGMs are under-performing – but that is only relative to the gold price. While gold has been in the ascendant so far this year, the ‘other’ precious metals – silver, platinum and palladium, have also seen rises. Will any of these leapfrog gold as the year progresses?

China Needs PGM's Now Amid Stringent Emissions Standards

While Beijing struggles to reduce its air pollution there is another technology close to commercial production that will eliminate vehicle emissions all together, again using a healthy amount of PGM’s – Catalytic converters will play a major role in the global push to improve air quality.

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