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Bullish Indicators & Constructive Price Action Confirm Bullish Outcome for Silver Prices

The confluence of bullish indicators & constructive price action confirms that a bullish outcome is a real possibility for silver prices. Add the prospects of a weaker US dollar & these factors create the perfect ingredients that send this precious metal soaring. Technical indicators & price patterns seen here on the silver price chart clearly suggest that a rally is likely to ensue.

Watch Out If Silver Price Breaks Through This Technical Level

The huge Silver Rally last week took a lot of precious metals investors by surprise. We may see the banks try and hold silver from crossing this trend-line, but if silver does close above $20.50 this week and continue higher… it could spell real trouble for the bullion banks who hold a great deal of silver short contracts. Silver needs to close above 50 MA Threshold of $20.50, to soar further.

Record Eight-Year Silver Buying Intensity Continues

Investors continue on a record eight-year silver buying spree. This multi-year silver buying trend is unprecedented in history. Precious metal investors need to understand just how different this current trend of elevated physical silver demand is. Very few realize that during the rise in the price of silver during the 1970’s, investors were net sellers of silver.

Global Mutual Fund Inflows vs Physical Gold Investment

I am comparing the total worldwide mutual fund asset value as of Q3 2014 to the global physical gold investment purchases over the past nine months. Americans and Europeans continue to overwhelmingly favor PAPER IOU’s compared to their Asian and Indian counterparts who enjoy buying and holding physical assets such as GOLD.

Goldman Sachs Is Highly Motivated To Low-Ball The Price Of Gold

The distinguished analysts from Goldman Sachs reiterated their 2014 forecast for gold to hit $1,050 by the end of the year. They believe the paper price of gold will continue to decline as the supposed “Powerhouse” U.S. economy picks up speed and accelerates growth.

Where Is The Price Of Silver Headed In 2014?

After a huge take-down of the price of gold and silver in 2013, many precious metal investors would like to know where the price of silver is headed in 2014 – Has silver finally put in a bottom and is getting ready for a new move higher this year?

Fed Smashes Gold And Silver While 2,000 Gold Eagles Were Sold

While the traders were focused on the “FED TRICK”, in the precious metal markets, few realized the “GOLD TREAT” as the U.S. Mint updated its Gold Eagle figures showing another 2,000 oz of the coins were sold since their update yesterday.

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