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Gold and Silver: The Precious Metals Sector and the Federal Reserve

There has been no major correction in the gold and silver market all this year, which is inflated after months of rallying, and we will look at some evidence here that the correction may have considerably further to go, in points terms if not in time terms. If the dollar rallies, gold could get whacked, but would be expected to be followed by a reversal & thus present a MAJOR buying opportunity.

Explosive Move In Silver Prices Will Dwarf It's Move In The Late 1970’s

The precious metals sector has sprung back to life after a 5-year period of an unabated manipulated price-thrashing of gold and silver. Despite Goldman Sach’s incessant plea for $800 gold, the yellow metal jumped from $1050 in mid-December to just over $1300 by the end of April. A 24% rise in 4 1/2 months. In the same period of time, silver ran up nearly 31%.

The Next Silver Bull May Have Already Started

Silver is down 7.1% this year. Will this weakness persist? If silver moves off its current level of $15 and into the $20 or $30 areas, silver investors could make large gains. We expect silver to hold on throughout 2015 and perhaps even increase faster than gold, if the whole precious metals sector turns positive this year.

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