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Russians Buy More 25 Tonnes Of Gold Bullion Again In June

Russia puts great strategic importance on its gold bullion reserves. While its gold reserves may not be on a par with western nations it is worth noting that neither is Russia’s debt. In the event of a new global debt crisis and an international monetary crisis, Russia is less fragile than many debt-laden western economies.

Why OPEC Will Tolerate Cheap Oil

While the current dip in energy prices clearly does hurt Saudi Arabia, it hurts her enemies far more, particularly Iran & Russia, which has been a key enabler of Iranian power. Putting pressure on Russia has also become a key strategic interest of Washington. Cheap oil likely will protect & increase Saudi Arabia’s oil market share.

Yellen knocks Gold. Will Putin drive it back up again?

In her first post FOMC meeting statement Janet Yellen, succeeded in creating uncertainty in both the general equities market and in precious metals prices. Gold and silver prices took a sharp dip downwards but the Russia/Ukraine situation remains tense and could yet drive precious metals up again.

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