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Helicopter Money - The Recipe For Inflation Gathers Momentum

Where will inflation come from? With helicopter money, Congress spends the money. It covers its deficit with more borrowing & the Fed prints the money to cover the borrowing. It’s essentially monetizing the debt. The difference is that in the case of QE, there’s no extra spending. In the case of helicopter money, there is because Congress spends all the money. – Your recipe for inflation.

The Fed’s Inability To Forecast Anything Is The Problem

In June the Fed saw better conditions ahead and they would begin to cut back on their bond purchases – It was just another errant forecast. The economy isn’t doing better, and so no tapering and yet now the markets are waiting anxiously for the Fed’s next forecast.

Financial Markets and Dark Arts of the Bankers

Markets have twigged the dilemma of Central Bankers and have sold off emerging markets in advance of the end of the unorthodox regime – This very sell-off means that the end of the unorthodox regime will come at great cost

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