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The Smart Money Is Selling, Not Buying - Goldman Warns

Since the smart money knows that buying anything at 10x or 11x EBITDA usually ends up wiping out the equity tranche when generously levered courtesy of today’s insane, broken, manipulated & centrally-planned market, it is not touching the market with a 10-foot pole. The only question is who starts the selling avalanche & when?

The "Institutional Investor" Housing Bubble Just Burst

With retail buyers long out, cash & institutional investors on their way out, QE fading & with it the MBS bid, not to mention the surge in foreclosure exits & the flood of foreclosed properties about to hit the market, things for the US housing market are about to get very messy.

Fed Unveils "Self-Regulated" Volcker Rule

Federal Reserve extends Volcker Rule compliance period to July 2015 from July 2014 – Volcker Rule bans banks from owning and sponsoring “covered” hedge funds and private equity funds – Regulators.

Wishing For Inflation? The Last Gasp Before Hyperinflation

Contrary to popular assumption, the Fed will get its constant wish for inflation, along with every other central bank armed with an unbacked currency – But far from the inflation of flawed theory, what they will get is a stampeding heard of rhinoceros.

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