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Why The Chinese Must Buy Gold To Survive

Property in China is transforming from a wealth creator to a wealth destroyer.A rising percentage of China’s $26 trillion in bank assets are going bad. While property loses its luster, Gold is a natural, logical candidate, unlike land – a mobile & liquid asset. As Chinese QE proceeds, the desire to own gold will increase.

Is London’s Property Bubble Set To Burst?

Although it’s often argued that London is a unique property market fuelled by a buoyant London economy and continued international interest from overseas buyers, recent price appreciation has taken on a distinct frothy appearance. Investors should carefully evaluate evidence of a bubble.

China Households Massively Exposed To Housing Bubble That Has To Burst

China’a housing market is clearly oversupplied. Existing housing stock is sufficient for every household to own one home, and China is supplying about 15 million new units a year. The housing bubble has to burst & the hit to household wealth will have a long term negative impact on consumption.

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