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The Seven Biggest Lies Told (and Believed) about Gold

Many widely held beliefs about gold are lies – propaganda hammered home to have us believe the only true measure of wealth is government-issued debt. Judging from the constant onslaught of anti-gold propaganda, and the relatively small percentage of Americans owning or knowing anything about gold, these lies have done their damage.

Is The Claimed Gold Really There? – Part II

When gold becomes “important” again, really and truly having it WILL matter. “Trust us” will no longer be good enough, proof will be required. Gold demand will explode either out of financial fear of the actions in paper markets or …it will explode because the revelation is uncovered the “gold really isn’t there”. BOOM…

The Day People Will Need Insurance, Gold Will Not Trade At $1200

Gold is an insurance policy, not a trading vehicle & the time to assess gold is when people have a sudden need for insurance. When that day comes, the price will be the very last thing that matters. It will be purely and simply a matter of securing possession — bubble or not — and at any price. That price will also NOT be $1200.

Are You Sure Its Real Gold? An Examination Of Modern Gold Counterfeiting

I can tell you that, yes, there may be problems with gold counterfeiting with tungsten nowadays. Since gold costs almost a thousand times more than tungsten you can understand that there is a lot of incentive for the second law to play a role, here: with a chance to cheat, someone will.

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