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Will Gold, Silver Continue Higher in 2014?

Since early June, resource stocks have surged higher once again. So the question on my mind was: Where are gold and silver headed for the remainder of the year? Will this rally pull back? My prediction for the rest of the year is for higher prices, but in a choppy fashion – Rick Rule.

Questions to Ask Before Investing in Natural Resource Stocks

If you are interested in investing in natural resources, the ‘management interview’ is critical before investing in any junior resource company to figure out how the company will generate a return for your money. Rick Rule outlines what questions to ask before investing.

Why Rick Rule Says ‘Anti - Gold Investors Will be Destroyed’

It won’t be long before investors begin to slow down their bond purchases, as they see their purchasing power erode. They will look at other investments to help them avoid that guaranteed loss. Anti-gold investors may once again witness gold shining on through the resulting calamity.

Institutional Buying: The Coming Silver Game Changer

The sector that will have the largest impact on future silver investment demand will be institutional buying. As confidence in the Treasury & Bond markets begin to wane, we are going to see more institutions and retail investors rotate out of paper and into physical assets.

Are Gold Critics Right? Should You Sell Your Gold?

Sentiment around gold has been diminishing since April, when George Soros indicated gold was no longer a safe haven- The shadow has continued through this month when Goldman Sachs said gold was a ‘slam dunk’ sell – So should you sell your gold?

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