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The Gold Rush - Panic Stricken Brits Rush To Buy Gold Bars

Worried British savers (yes, they still exist in this time of QE and age of NIRP) are scrambling to buy gold bars and “stuffing them in safes at home, data suggests, as fears mount that a Brexit-induced financial meltdown could be just around the corner.” Royal Mint, Britain’s official producer of gold and silver coins and bars, said sales have soared by 32% over the past month.

Gold Tumbles Despite UK Mint Seeing Europeans Rush To Buy Bullion

European investors are increasing purchases of gold & customers globally added 1.4 metric tons of gold to their account, the biggest increase since 2012. More people want their gold stored in Switzerland, a country that isn’t in the European Union. But despite this demand, gold prices are gettiung hammered after an initial spike.

Gold: The One Commodity Buffett and Bernanke Just Don’t Understand

Warren Buffett once famously said that gold has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head over the Earthlings & their fascination with a metallic element. Former Fed-head Ben Bernanke once told Congress that gold is not money & it is just a precious metal — the price for which no one really understands.

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