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The Dollar Will Not Be Overthrown in October

Blogs, newsletters, and inboxes are cluttered with dire warnings about an event in October 2015. That will supposedly overthrow the dollar as the global reserve currency and cause a catastrophic meltdown of the international financial system. In fact, nothing of the kind is about to happen. There are important and significant events happening behind the scenes.

Why You Need to Buy & Hold Gold and Silver – Too Many Getting It Wrong

Here is the best reason to buy and hold gold and silver, at any price, especially at these artificially suppressed prices. Gold and silver, are a means of economic freedom & independence from the de facto corporate federal government doing everything it can to enslave the country & succeeding quite well.

Why Most Gold Bugs & Bloggers are Dead Wrong About China’s Gold

China IS acquiring thousands of tons of GOLD & creating new multilateral lending institutions. China WILL announce an upward revision in its official gold holdings in sometime. But the reasons for the acquisition of gold & the updated disclosures, if they happen, are NOT the ones the blogosphere believes. Herein is the Truth.

China’s Gold to Come to Light After Six Years of Mystery?

The secrecy over China’s gold reserves may end sooner than expected. Why? China’s primary objective is to transform the renminbi into a global reserve currency.China may come clean on its gold holdings any time before the IMF meeting next October in an effort to show the soundness of the renminbi.

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