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Uncertainty in Gold and Silver Markets: Low Prices Will Cure Low Prices

Low price has created excess demand & will cause a short supply since mines cannot make money at these levels. While COMEX can & has created the price, they cannot create supply, necessary to satisfy higher demand. By forcing the gold and silver price too low, COMEX has set in place fundamentals for a re pricing in explosive fashion.

Significant Drawdown Of UK Silver Inventories On Record Indian Demand

Demand for silver bars and coins has soared in recent weeks as bargain hunting retail investors returned to the silver market after a disappointing first half of the year. Its more than evident in India where silver imports are up by 14% YoY for the Jan to Oct period, so strong, that it produced a significant drawdown of U.K. silver inventories.

Why It Might Be the Right Time to Buy Silver

Silver prices have come back after 2 years of downside pressure, stabilized around $21 & it is likely just the beginning. Inflation is slowly creeping up & that adds upward pressure for silver. Is now a good time to buy silver? You need to be aware of key supply demand issues & several ways to play the metal.

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