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Why has the Price of Silver been Suppressed to this Extreme Degree?

The price of silver has since been driven down 70% from its temporary high and the price of gold has been driven down nearly 40% from its temporary high. More total perversion of market fundamentals. Why has the price of silver been suppressed, going back 100 years? Why has the silver market been ruthlessly attacked, to a far greater degree than even the gold market? Here’s WHY.

Silver Money And Currency - “Real Value” versus “Perceived Value”

There is one factor in the silver market that Fiat Monetary Authorities & Banking Institutions are deeply concerned about – Controlling the public’s understanding of “Real Value” v/s “Perceived Value.” As gold & silver compete currencies, they pose a threat to the current transfer of wealth to the rich & need to be manipulated.

Perfect Scam Or A Safe Investment - My Two Bits About Bitcoin

Essentially, a cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange. The first one, created about four years ago, was Bitcoin. Since then, scores, if not hundreds of various permutations of the concept have been launched. Bitcoin is decentralized, with no specific institution controlling its network.

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