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Catalyst to Shock Silver Stocks from their Zombified Stupor Close-by

The likely catalyst to shock silver stocks from their zombified stupor is nearing with each passing day. Once these QE-inflated stock markets inevitably succumb to QT and roll over, gold and silver investment demand will return. The tiny silver market will rapidly surge on major capital inflows, with lots of room to mean revert far higher relative to gold.

The Silver Sentiment Cycle

As a reminder, after silver rallied to the then astounding price of $6.40 in early 1974, it crashed back to $3.80 and then traded sideways for 2 years. Less than 3 years later it had briefly traded at $50.00, due to a combination of inflation, debt and deficits, political issues, conflict with the USSR, fear, a market corner, and dollar weakness.

Silver Chart And Sentiment Show Potentially Very Sharp Rally

There is an interesting development brewing in the silver market. On the near term, 2 important indicators are flashing a potential key reversal, at least for the short & mid term. First, sentiment is at an important pivot point. Second, the long term silver chart seems to be accomplishing a multi year chart pattern.

What Lies Ahead for Gold and Silver?

First, the bad news… The Gold and Silver selling is likely not over. The capitulation process may not be completed. Overall momentum […]

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