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Key Chart Shows Silver at Critical Crossroads

Silver spot prices haven’t been affected yet. However, the weekly silver chart shows an interesting wedge pattern developing. Silver prices briefly touched the bottom of the wedge last week before closing near the top. A solid weekly close above $15.50 would represent a bullish upside breakout, while a decisive break below $14.50 would carry bearish near-term implications.

Gold, Silver, Copper – All Firmly In The Bear Market Grip

Had China’s pursuit of commodity hoarding led to excessive demand for copper, gold & other commodities which, once hoarded, were no longer as sought after? Or the hoarding of commodities by banks that bought domestic warehouses & pushed prices up by withholding release of the commodities? Whatever the reasons, the bear market patterns continue to suggest lower levels ahead.

Silver Saw Net ETF Inflows, Compared To Gold’s Insane Decline

Holdings in silver ETFs, which allow ordinary investors to track prices without owning physical metal, were at 655 million ounces as of Oct. 31, up 25 million ounces from the start of the year – Compare that with holdings in the equivalent gold products, which saw outflows of 806 metric tons in 2013.

Precious Metals Futures - Beyond the Madness

Price discovery on the largest precious metals futures trading system goes on protected by a fraudulent financial system and a legal system desperate to protect its importance. The only positive is that manipulation cannot go on forever and there is still time to act accordingly.

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