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Why is the Gold Market Sanguine about Rising US Interest Rates?

Why is the gold market being sanguine about rising U.S. interest rates? Rising U.S. inflation and a peak in U.S. dollar strength may mean that the traditional impact of a U.S. monetary tightening cycle may be less than usual. What the gold market is currently signalling is that while U.S. interest rate rises are still a bit of a headwind, they may not be enough to offset some compelling tailwinds.

Gold Prices Dip Sharply - Is This Why Gold Is Selling Off?

A look at the latest Gartman letter: We remain long of gold in EUR and Yen denominated terms, just as we have for years in the case of the latter and for nearly a year in the case of the former. Trading is art; it is not precise. It is rarely definitive. This was and is one of those times. However, we are intent upon adding to the position this morning on this correction.

Gold And Silver Rise on Short-Covering, Physical Demand & Greece Risks

Precious metals had their best day since January yesterday as the price of gold and silver rose substantially. Many factors seemed to have come together to generate the rise but the primary cause seemed to be buying in the futures market which led to short covering which quickly propelled gold & silver in a short time.

Gold Imports Phenomenal In India - Up 571% To 150 Tonnes in Nov

Some of the restrictions that were imposed on Indian gold imports in August of 2013 were lifted at the end of last month. Despite the fact that all the restrictions were still in place, gold importation in November surged an incredible 571% relative to the same month last year at over 151.58 tonnes.

Market Report: Better tone for Volatile Gold

Having broken down through major support at $1180 level which had held for 18 months, one would expect gold to consolidate before attempting to break back up through it. If & when it does break convincingly upwards, gold will be sending a strongly positive technical signal. Silver followed similarly & the corresponding level is $17.

Gold Investors: Let This Cycle Be Your Guide

When it comes to the performance of gold and gold stocks, history indicates good times are ahead based on where we are in the Fed Funds Rate Cycle. Here are some points to help you understand the positivity we see for the precious metal looking towards 2015.

Silver And Gold Are Breaking Out Again

CFD unwinds will pressure gold & silver futures prices higher & spot prices will likely be dragged higher also, as we know the physical demand has been high. And perhaps most importantly, supply destruction is starting to bite. The end result, far less supply even as demand continues to rise.

Gold Prices Higher On Slowing Global Economy and Geopolitical Tensions

Gold prices jumped last week when World Bank released its report regarding the global economy, slashing its global GDP forecast on weaker outlooks in the US & elsewhere. Gold prices have now hit their highest in nearly three weeks as escalating turmoil in Iraq and Ukraine resulted in fresh safe-haven buying.

Has The S&P 500 Topped At Exactly The Same Price As Gold?

Interesting facts: Spot gold has topped at exactly same levels as S&P500 top to date, on a closing basis. When gold peaked at $1,895.00 in Sep 2011, S&P500 was at a major intermediate bottom at 1200. Spot gold made a double bottom below $1,200 in Dec 2013 while S&P500 hit all time highs at 1890.90 a week ago.

Gold and Gold Stocks After the FOMC Decision

Gold jumped $55 after the FOMC announcement, which is quite a bit for one day, but will this rally hold? In any case, the move did manage to catapult gold back above the critical $1,350 level & it does certainly look like another higher low has now been put in.

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