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Why it Feels Like Something Isn’t Quite Right with the Stock Market

US stocks are still in a bull market. Large parts of the stock market are down significantly since June. Last Friday, Bloomberg reported that “roughly half the biggest stocks are mired in corrections, down 10 percent or more from their one-year high.” The S&P 500 is now up 210% from its 2009 low, and is up 2.1% this year. How can the stock market be up when so many stocks are down?

Averaging Down: Biggest Lie in Investing – Don’t Fall for It

Averaging down is throwing good money after bad. It’s usually a sucker’s bet. Instead of improving your situation & buying another winning trade, you’re tying up even more money on a losing investment. Your stock would still need to rise 50% to bring you back to breakeven. And that’s after you’ve already doubled-down on your investment.

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