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Key Structures That Guide the Processes of Inevitable Collapse: 2016-2019

Leaders face a no-win dilemma: any change of course will crash the system, but maintaining the current course will also crash the system. The end-state of unsustainable systems is collapse. Though collapse may appear to be sudden & chaotic, we can discern key structures that guide the processes of collapse. These six dynamics are sufficient to illuminate the inevitable collapse.

Government Borrowing Is Not Like Private Debt

Neither borrowing nor saving is inherently good or bad. At least in the private sector. Whether one chooses to save or borrow to finance a project depends upon a subjective assessment of the relative trade-offs. It’s another matter entirely, though, when we’re talking about the government sector, as the two are not comparable.

Guaranteed Financial Security Is Just A Fantasy

Those dependent on the promises made in the previous era will support any policy that “extends & pretends” the illusion that financial security can be guaranteed, regardless of seismic shifts in the natural and financial economies. The irony of “extend and pretend” is these policies only push the system to extremes that guarantee systemic collapse.

Global Economy Collapses Despite 4th "Warmest" January On Record

US strategists, ‘economists’, and asset-gatherers are sticking to the meme that the major economies collapse at the fastest pace in almost 4 years is all because of the cold on the east coast of the US. Despite all the weather drama, and as a fact, it was the fourth-warmest January on record.

Is The Deficit Reduction Just Another Mirage?

As the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) weighs on consumptive spending, current entitlements continue to expand, and economic growth weighs on future tax revenues the deficit will likely worsen in the future.

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